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Ranking Structure

The highest attainable rank within the Farstriders, directly below Ranger General which is held by Vereesa Windrunner.

Ranger Lord/Lady

Ranger Captain

Ranger Captains are the go-between for the lower ranks, and the Ranger Lord/Lady's orders. They are a valiantly proven addition to the 812th, masters of all that make a Ranger great.

The rank of Captain is one achieved by those Lieutenants skilled enough to be groomed for the ascent to Ranger Captain. Captains work closely with a Ranger Captain in managing the Battalion.



Lieutenants are proven, veteran Farstriders that aspire towards the career path towards Ranger Lord or Ranger Lady. 


Not all Rangers turn out capable of becoming a Farstriders. Farstriders are the elite amongst the Thalassian ranger corps, their training going far beyond what would be expected. With this, they are amazingly versatile agents and marksmen.



New additions to the 812th are not immediately given the rank of Ranger. Instead, they must prove they know the basics of the corps and command.

Scout Captain

The Scout Captain holds the proverbial gavel in final decisions concerning the Outrunner division. This rank entrusts the responsibility for the safety of all operatives and the security of confidential information acquired through the ranks. Amongst the leadership of the 812th Battalion, the Scout-Captain upholds the duties of surveillance and intelligence. The station is currently filled by Eralia Dawnsorrow.

Scout Lieutenant

As the officer rank of the Outrunners, the Scout-Lieutenants are privy to withheld information and hold authority over all lower divisions. They are responsible for the execution and success of missions. Considered the elite of the elite, these individuals are notoriously crafty at their trade and will sooner be dismissed or killed before revealing the secrets of the Highguard. This station is held by Gaelyn Blackblade, Malithanore Vanyali, and Ylandra Nightstar.


The Pathstalker title is achieved after an outrunner has proved themselves worthy of championing their division’s testaments. Widely referred to as veterans, these noteworthy individuals have achieved specialization in one or more branches of the Outrunners. Their dedication and devotion makes them a force of reckoning; they are not to be taken lightly.


The Outrunner rank is the bread and butter of the division, and is without a doubt prestigious in its own right. Despised by their enemies for their agility and evasion, able to weave through a battlefield or glide across treacherous terrain. Skilled in both combat and covert operations, they are usually last in recognition amongst the vanguards, battlemagi and medics. But while our allies are quick to dismiss our influence - our enemies are not so forgetful.


Couriers have proven themselves as trusted members of the Outrunners and find themselves with quite a few more responsibilities than their previous rank. They have shown consistent respect for the leadership and other scouts, while also displaying a genuine ambition to becoming a fully-fledged Outrunner.

The lowest rung on the Outrunner ladder, Scouts are a vital step in the process of ranking. At this rank, scouts are under heavy scrutiny for their actions and are expected to perform well-enough both in missions and the Highguard’s other divisions’ activities.




Otherwise known as Commander (of the) Air Group, the CAG is responsible for overseeing the readiness of the Air Group and leading in operations. This rank is presently held by Vor'taria Ara'lith.

Sky Lieutenant

They are officers, proven in the skies and can be assigned a Squadron by the CAG to oversee for specific purposes.


One rank up from the regular rank-and-file Skyguard, Dragoons are experienced flyers and can lead a section of a Squadron at the Sky Lieutenant's request for side objectives and recon operations.


Not quite as experienced as a Dragoon but still better than a Trainee, the Skyguard forms the majority of the Air Group. Also known as 'getting your wings', the winged insignia clears you for active duty in the sky.


Wee babs, them. Hopefully they don't fall out of the sky. Trainees are the entry-level rank for the Air Group.

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