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The Thalassian Academy of War is an amalgamation of the various Academies, Universities, Think-Tanks and scholastic accords that trained and educated the high elves in times of yore, but with focus on applying the knowledge to war-time scenarios.



Training the next generation Quel'Thalas' defense, the Academy of Quel'Thalas was renowned for the standards set for those enrolled as students and instructors as ruthless as what they taught. Failure in the field results in death, and so the Alliance Academy is very critical of such. Drop-outs were exceedingly common due to the harsh nature of the instructors, the trials that students faced, as well as the taxing physical requirements of such. There is an entry exam, custom to each applicant to test their skills and weed out those who would waste the time of the instructors, the resources of the Academy itself, and the patience of promising students. In keeping with tradition and history, the Academy is only open to High Elves and on special circumstances, half-elves that prove themselves a wise investment for the education.

The current incarnation is lead by Dal'itha Manawhisper, the Oathsworn to Aeriyth Dawnsorrow. She strives to make the magi circle a productive force in the world, and puts proper focus on the education and development of magical talents. In addition to tutoring and education of aspiring magi, the Circle also hosts informative seminars on the forbidden schools of magic, classes on defense against the darker arts, and both research and development on magical armaments, weapons, etc.

The first prototypes of an affordable Sunwell ring.

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Magitech is what you get when you give engineering geniuses some arcane components. A completely new way to engineer self-powered weapon and defense systems, the Magitech Engineers of the Highguard are famously known for their first creation, the Spellistae. Another landmark breakthrough was the Fel Badge, which enabled the Silver Covenant to deploy to Tanaan Jungle despite the nauseating effects of ambient fel energies.

The Spellistae's Blueprint. Click to learn more.

The blueprint for the ARCADIA Weapons System. Click to learn more.

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