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Requirements For Membership

  1. At least some level of magical aptitude and the ability to command basic arcane spells. A history with dealing in dangerous magics is preferred, but not mandatory.

  2. Basic martial prowess

  3. Not aligned or significantly corrupted by a malefic entity or demonic presence.

Ranking Structure


Picked from the Ministers should the unfortunate event of the previous Warmagus’s demise. Or of course, their retirement. But demise often follows those that take up this position, as it puts them in a rather dangerous and public position.​


Handpicked by the Warmagus out of the Magister rank, must display overall skill with magic and prowess at using it for battle. They must also show social skills, and the ability to make sound decisions. They must also (most often) be liked by many of the circle, as an unpopular leader is one that does not rule through guidance, but by suppression.

Magister / Magistrix

Host a magical artifact/item of power retrieval and/or creation event that includes D20 combat/activities, supervised by an officer. Alternatively, prove your magical knowledge and combat prowess by defeating a summoned enemy. (Supervised by the Warmagus, each member will have a different enemy selected to suit their skillset, and counter it.)


Complete your apprenticeship.

Attend 2 D20 events - alternatively, host an event.



Go through an interview with the Warmagus, successfully.

Apprenticeship System

Any Magister/Magistrix can take an apprentice. Said apprentice must be of the Battlemage rank, and not be apprenticed by any other. A magister/magistrix may ‘gift’ an apprentice to another magister, putting the responsibility of training them upon the other magister.


Magister’s Responsibilities: 
Train the Apprentice in the ways of magic, giving them basic knowledge of at the very least four schools. (More are always appreciated.)
Mentor them in the proper use of magic, and the proper control required for a magic user.


Design a ‘final exam’. This must be vetted by the Warmagus first, before it is sanctioned to be conducted.

Apprentice’s Responsibilities: 
Learn from your master. Respect your master, but do not be a slave. 
Ask constant questions, strive to learn more.
Show sufficient improvement during their apprenticeship, culminating in a ‘final exam’ of the Magister’s own design.

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