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The Battlemagi, often called Battle Mages or just Magi, are the backbone of Elven society and some of the strongest casters of mortal kind. The origins of elven magi date back to before the War of the Ancients, when the Highborne ruled with their magical prowess fueled by the Well of Eternity. While they may no longer have all the nobility and political power they held in ancient times, the Battlemagi of the Highguard are focused equal parts on research and military prowess. Their weapons and gear are vastly customizable to fit the style of casting and schools of the individual, yet a common sight among them is the lack of a robe to hinder movement, a sword of pure arcane energy in one hand and a channelling staff in the other. Some focus entirely on conjured blades and close-quarters magical combat, they are known as Spellblades.

The Battlemagi of the Highguard are an elite sect of Silver Covenant Magi, most hand picked by Warmage Dal’itha herself, while others prove their worth in other ways.

A pair of Silver Covenant Spellblades chatting at Violet Rise on the Isle of Thunder.

Two examples of popular Silver Covenant Battlemage attire. Robes are absent in favour of improved mobility.

The Silver Enclave, our base of operations before Dalaran's departure to the Broken Isles.

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