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The Collection

Ranking Structure

Ranking Structure

Lord / Lady Curator

In charge of overseeing all progresses made within the Curators, as well as administrative tasks with public works projects and arranging excavations.

Chief Archivist

The Chief Archivist keeps records on recoveries, dig sites and organises finds within a safe vault in Dalaran. The Chief Archivist is personally responsible for every item within the curated collection.

Exhibit Director

Exhibit Directors are officials on Thalassian Culture, commonly taking one facet such as the arts, magics and sculpture to expand upon and make public for education and conservation purposes.

Research Aide

Aides routinely assist the sub-division when it comes to in-depth research on finds and sites. Their passion lies in deciphering and decrypting the relics uncovered to unlock the wisdom and heritage thought lost in the Fall.

With a passion for exploring and hands-on discovery, the archaeologists are the backbone of the Curators. They are not afraid to get down int he dirt and spend days on a dig, if it means a chance at preserving their heritage.



Regular curators simply aid all of the above, until proving themselves worthy of advancement in the field.

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