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If your character is not enlisted and has chosen a sub-division, please pick the Perk that would make sense and add that below your Character Sheet. 


Division Perks


Arcaneborne: Upon rolling a successful D20 defense against a magical attack, roll an additional D10 above 4 to reflect the spell back at the attacker for full damage.

Example: A Cultist fires a shadowbolt at you on Defense Phase. You roll high enough to block it, but since it's magic, you get to /roll 10 to see if you can reflect it back before you emote. You /roll 10 and got a 6, so your character reflects the spell back at the cultist. Emote that out!



Sacred Plea: When reduced to 50% HP, first revive 1 KO'd member to half of their HP. Then, while at 50% HP or lower, your successful heals now effect 2 additional members on the field.





Ley Advantage: After 3 successful spell hits, roll an additional D10 above 3 on your fourth successful spell to split it into 3 bolts, dealing 3x damage to 1 target. The 3 bolts only take into account an enemy’s Magical Defense stat. If your D10 fails, Ley Advantage is reset.

Example: You've landed 3 spell attacks so far. Attack phase #4, you roll high enough to hit the enemy! But wait, you also get to /roll 10 now. You /roll 10, get a 5, and now your one attack is 3 attacks for 3x damage! Emote that out!



Avenging Wrath: When 30% of allies are KO, successful Attack Phase rolls strike twice. Additionally, you may heal an ally and attack on the same phase.

Example: Attack phase, you've rolled high enough to hit the enemy, but 30% or more of your group is KO'd. You get to attack twice in your emote, doing extra damage. Then, if you want, you can toss a heal out.


Mercy Sect



Silver Hand of Quel'Thalas

812th Battalion


Danger Zone: Your mount has an attack against opponents and can attack with you on attack phases. Can also be attacked by hostiles. Mount attack/defense modified by your Command skill.


Cannot Touch This: Advantage (roll twice, take the highest of the two) on physical defense rolls due to agility. 


Windrunner's Legacy: Every successful defense roll in a wooded area grants a counter attack for normal damage. +10 to Sneak Attacks.

Solar Flare: (If the sun can be seen) Every successful attack landed, also /roll 12 and if it is over 7, a burst of Solar energy slams down from the sky at your same target. Calculate the damage by /roll 6, twice, adding both numbers up. (This is called a 2d6!)

Sun Knights


Horadrim: When demons are near, you gain advantage (roll twice, take the higher of the two) on perception checks.

+10 DMG to Demonkin

Illidari take half fel damage and once every 5 turns may use Spectral Sight for a guaranteed flawless perception check from the DM.


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