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Requirements For Membership

  1. Experience or knowledge in the medical field

  2. Free from the corruptive influence of the shadow, or demonic magics

  3.  Alliance-affiliated

Ranking Structure

Cleric General

The head of Mercy Sect.They are responsible for all of Mercy. They make the policy and delegate said policy to the Chief to enforce. Has the final authority on Medical Leave and Leave of Absences. Is also responsible for reviewing action and field reports of the Mercy Section’s duties.

Chief Medical Officer

Second in command of the Mercy section, known as Chief. In charge of handling medical emergencies, including delegating to the Medical Officers their duties. The person that is in ultimately in charge of the clinic.  If the Cleric General is unable to perform their responsibilities, it is up to the Chief Medical Officer to uphold the Cleric General’s responsibilities.

Medical Officer First Class

These internal officers oversee and support the core of Mercy. They are gifted in their chosen specialty and can aid in educating and or training the MO2’s that work with them. These Medical professionals have proven themselves capable Medical Officers and have been selected by the Cleric General to be leaders within Mercy. They both man the clinics and field hospitals and also assist the Medical Officers as needed.

The core of Mercy’s medical practitioners, these Officers have proven their ability to adapt and overcome challenges in a medical emergency situation. They have proven to their superiors that they can use the triage system effectively, that they are proficient in both the fundamental five, their weapons, and armor as needed. They have the trust of their superiors and are able to man the clinics and field hospitals on their own. These officers will also choose a specialty to focus on or refocus on an already chosen specialty. At which point they will be up for selection to be promoted to Medical Officer 1st class.

Medical Officer Second Class

Mercy’s first level of fully fledged Medical practitioners, these Medical Officers will advance their initial training by actively serving in a clinic or in the field in order to learn how to properly use their skills in a working medical facility or in a field exercise. They will also be introduced to armor and weapons as well as the respective skills needed to wield said armaments. Upon demonstrating their knowledge of the requirements for Phase One training they will be promoted to Medical Officer 2nd Class.

Medical Officer Third Class


Not yet proven in the medical field, but interested in learning. Interns accompany Medical Officers to low-risk sites to get a feel for things before being thrown into more active warzones.

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