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Serenity. Peace. Redemption. These are three words that would accurately represent this elite group of healers that belong to the Mercy Sect of the Highguard. The roots of these healers could trace back thousands of years ago in the beginnings of Quel'thalas, when the high elves first left Kalimdor to search for a magical land to build their kingdom upon. Their fleets wandered the wreckage of the world for many long years, discovering the mysteries and lost kingdoms along their sojourn. Seeing all of this destruction, peril, and danger, this is what first ignited the healing flame in their hearts.


In present-day, they are first and foremost the medical division of the Highguard. Its members are medical doctors, combat medics, battle clerics and priests all assigned and loyal to the  Alliance. Being a member of Mercy is strictly voluntary, its members are here because they believe in the moral responsibility of capable men and women to offer aid wherever it is needed. They are the backbone of the order's might, fearless in the face of darkness and hopelessness, serving besides their brothers and sisters on the field.  Not only do these healers give their aid to those of the injured and sick but they also donate their beneficial effort to those that generally need help; the homeless, the orphaned, and the needy.


Because of these generous efforts, the Mercy Sect has housed many, healed thousands and touched the lives of people on Azeroth and beyond. Their striving goal for he betterment of their people is what consistently motivates the men and women of this elite medical unit to brave the frontlines of combat and save lives.


Rising through the ranks of the Highguard, Kailinas Highsun has taken the mantle of Cleric-General and commands the brave men and women

of the Mercy Sect.

The position of the Chief Medical Officer, second-in-command of the Sect, remains open.

The infirmary in Dalaran, which the Mercy Sect operate out of. Also known as First To Your Aid, the building is equipped with state-of-the-art medical supplies and a surgical bay.

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