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Requirements For Membership

  1. Of  Thalassian blood, fully or otherwise.

  2. Faithful of the Church of the Holy Light

  3. Free from the corruptive influence of the shadow, or demonic magics

  4.  Alliance-affiliated

Ranking Structure

Chapter Master

Dame Alwynen Dawnwrath oversees the Chapter and aids with administration, but the decisions on the Order are made by the body of Knights that resides within it. The Chapter Master does not hold a vote unless a tiebreaker is needed.


Knights are the primary body of the Silver Hand’s leadership, a community effort at a round table that focuses on the upbringing of the next generation along the Three Virtues, over politics. 


Squires accompany a Knight in battle, shedding the robes of Aspirancy for training in the martial aspects of life, and defending the Faithful. They are very much still students, but not in the way Aspirants are.


Aspirants are new to the Order of the Silver Hand, and spend their time diligently seeking, absorbing the knowledge of those great in the Light before us. They are not yet ready to Squire to a Knight, and follow the path of the studious Clerics of Northshire.

Other Ranks

Order Lector

In charge of the education that Squires and Aspirants receive  at large. Is responsible for coordinating with the Quel’Danas clergy, arranging lessons, administering rites and playing a part in ceremonies.

Becoming a Knight

The path to Knighthood is a physical, mental and spiritual journey that alters one's life significantly. 

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