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Highguard Patch 1.1

The Chapter The Silver Hand chapter within the Highguard has been revamped ENTIRELY. The new structure is as follows:

1. Four Horsemen; The Four Horsemen of the Light. Respect, Tenacity, Compassion, and Truth. Originally created to combat the Four Horsemen of Naxxramas (Conquest, Famine, War, and Death). Now the Leaders of individual Virtue studies, to amplify someone’s studies in said Virtue.

2. Cavalier Knight; This rank is earned after a time of being a Knight, having excelled in his or her duties as a Knight and proven him or herself worthy of greater rank. A pilgrimage is also required to reach this status.

3. Knight; Proven to be worthy of the title Silver Hand Knight.

4. Squires; Trained at the discretion of their mentors, with a standard curriculum guide available. Required attendance to at least two monthly meetings. Includes combat training, limited to chainmail, wooden shield, and sword or mace. Typically, new aspirants and squires will have no experience wielding the power of the Light and are unable to do so until the moment of their Knighting. Those who do have such ability, however, agree to restrict themselves in their use of it until earning Knighthood.

5. Aspirants; Mace at the start, and assigned a habit of a robe, tabard and cowl. Aspirants study the path of priesthood as the Clerics of Northshire did, and an introduction to the Light by way of the Three Virtues professed by Archbishop Faol. Once they prove knowledgeable and worthy, they become eligible for squireship.

The Four Paths of the Highguard’s Silver Hand

Those who wish to represent the Virtue of Respect would be the ones to truly appreciate Respect for all, even our greatest enemies. The paladins who exemplify Respect are the greatest chance for peace, but also usually have the most feared tactical and strategic minds. They can also act as Ambassadors to the other Chapters, or the Church, having a greater affinity for wanting to find a middle ground in every situation. Those who wish to represent the Virtue of Tenacity are taught to be shield bearers, taking the brunt of attack on the front line. They excel in persevering in the face of immense odds. Those who wish to represent the Virtue of Compassion would focus on the healing aspect of being a Paladin, charging headlong into battle alongside their brothers to ensure they all survive the fight. Paladins who exemplify Compassion are also revered for their wisdom, without which one cannot know when offering aid would do more harm than good. Those who seek Truth above all, are the ones who wish to know every truth in every situation. They are cautious and do not rush into battle. Disciples of Truth excel at acquiring the vital information that allows their brothers and sisters to strike true at their enemies.

The Magitech Engineers

Now lead by a Master Engineer, the sect of Magitech Engineers that resides under the Thalassian Academy of War is officially given its debut. Engineers are encouraged to draft up ideas to be worked on ICly and implemented for guild events, as well as submitting blueprints to the Archivium to possibly have them commissioned like the Spellistae’s blueprint. The Magitech Engineers are encouraged to work with GHI, for immersive effects of devices that can be given out.

The Circle of Magi

The Ministers of the Circle will begin taking apprentices under their speciality, as well as leading courses and classes on them.

Upcoming Events

  • Garland Day

  • This day marks the Vernal Equinox and celebrates the coming of spring and the continuation of the Elven people - in particular through the giving of gifts and treats to children and celebration of romantic love. A gala is in the works for those who would celebrate this, with wine, food, ballroom dancing, and more!

  • The Court of Uther

  • Chaired by Tenevus Stromheart, the Court of Uther is a secular (not run by the church) round table of the various orders that represent their kingdom or location's Silver Hand sect. The Highguard is pleased to represent Quel'Thalas!

  • The Siege on Shattrath

  • With the Highguard’s Silver Hand pledged to the Court of Uther - a secular organisation that boasts orders representing their kingdoms, with the primary goal of meting out justice without being overruled by the Church - comes the Siege! A multi-week inter-guild RP event much like the past server RP PVP events, we team up with the Draenei guilds and the Court of Uther to bring the Light’s vaunted justice to the Sargeri and Iron Horde that occupy and defile Draenor’s City of Light.

  • Highcastle’s Seminars

  • As we further develop our own Silver Hand Chapter, many of its members find themselves wanting of a dialogue on the Silver Hand’s interpretation of the Light, and on others’ following of the Virtues. Highlord Menias Highcastle hosts Seminars on the Silver Hand to engage attendants in meaningful discussions on what it means to be a Paladin, and can answer most questions on that very path.

  • A Pilgrimage to the Sunwell

  • The war on Draenor is a trying time for the elves of the Highguard, and whilst on leave, efforts will be made for a holy pilgrimage to the Belore-blessed plateau, for some much-needed spiritual nourishment.

  • The Sun War

  • As the Highguard makes its presence known to the residents of Draenor, they will find themselves at odds with the High Arrakoa regarding their cultural symbol of Belore, and the Arrakoa’s native religion centred around Rhukmar.

  • OOC Teambuilding Fridays

  • While not an in-character thing (unfortunately), much interest has been expressed for teambuilding activities that are outside of World of Warcraft. Cards Against Humanity nights on Friday will break the mold and provide a way for you to get to know your fellow, insane guildies while in ventrilo! Furthermore, ever wish to hear how off-key your officers can be when giving you their rendition of Aladdin’s “A Whole New World”? Maybe. Friday nights will have some seriously insane shenanigans, and there may be even a rap battle or two.

  • Black Ops 2 Online? Clan Name: Cat Clan Removal (PvP Division)

  • Not really an IC thing, but...uh...for the sake of Aeriyth. This will be a division hand selected by Galvajin to deal with problems by the Horde. Anyone can apply to a spot, but only 10 may be present at a time. (Cause. Uh. RBGs only have 10. Ya know?) Seeing as the Horde isn’t a bigger threat, only ten should suffice to deal with random problems, there will even be a second group! And when both groups are required? (A.K.A. World PvP) Both groups are present?! NO WAY! I really don’t know what we expected out of this...

The Silver Redoubt and Quests

Upon the Highguard’s redeployment to Draenor, many things have transpired! These are all we’ll tell you about, and dialogue with the NPC characters could spawn some serious questlines!

  • A mysterious Highborne woman arrived shortly after the Gorgrond campaign’s finale, bearing garb of a Magistrix, and seems very interested on the goings on in Val’cari Tower. (This is one of the followers about the Garrison you might notice.)

  • Similarly, a Sin’dorei Magistrix has entered under banner of the Kirin Tor. She seems nervous, and mostly keeps to herself around the Mess/Infirmary building. (Another follower.)

  • Many of the slaves rescued from The Pit during Binor Dungalion’s rescue have taken up working in the Redoubt. Some have been outfitted in armour and integrated into the Redoubt’s defenses, while others bustle around taking care of other duties that are integral to the Highguard’s continued presence on Draenor.

  • A High Arrakoa ambassador has been sparking up conversation with the Quel’dorei around the Redoubt, with interest on the Light and what Belore is.


  • We will slowly be re-integrating GHI for quests and for the engineers to make cool stuff.

  • The Leadership has switched to TRP3 instead of MRP for neat emote effects, custom class colours, custom classes, hover-over profiles for your pets, mounts, companion pets and so much more! If you download TRP3 and have it and MRP active, you will get an option to import your MRP, so you don’t have to re-write it all.

  • Twitter! We have a guild twitter @TheHighguard, so tweet your event or shenanigans screenshots to @TheHighguard. Don’t forget to tag your Highguard Selfies with #elfie!

  • Plans are underway for a writing contest, the prize of which is your very own stuffed Squiggy from the Blizzard Store. Praise Squiggy.

  • Got an event idea that you’d like to see happen, but no idea how to DM? Talk to any of the officers, we can make your idea a reality!

Shin'do Highguard!

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