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Highguard Patch 1.2

(OOC) The Silver Redoubt The largest guild feature of Warlords of Draenor (for now), is the Silver Redoubt’s Wikipedia page. NPCs, buildings, and other outposts are on the wiki and more content will be added as the Highguard’s presence on Draenor-Prime solidifies the Silver Covenant’s hold in the area. Flesh out the articles and add your own stories, your own outposts as well! Ask Aeriyth for help making a wiki page, or adding pictures. You can find it here > For Shattrath!

The crusade to purge Shattrath of the Sargeri and the Iron Horde has begun! Quests are available throughout the day, with larger events later on that can be completed for victory points and resources for the Alliance effort staged on the outskirts of the City of Light. (OOC) Operation: Reforge Athelstaan was unmasked to be the infamous troll and scammer, Rengshaw, and his desire to turn over a new leaf was blown away when he attempted to destroy the guild Oathsword Order. In stealing almost 100k worth of things from their guild bank, and kicking over 100 members, he hoped to destroy the guild for his own amusement, and even bragged to the guild’s leader when he arrived home from work to see the destruction. We’ve been helping them rebuild primarily with community in the guild. Many of your fellow guildmates have rolled alts in Oathsword and helped reboot a positive morale of the guild, even giving activity to events that are just getting off the floor. Interested in helping? Shoot Celia of the Oathsword Order a whisper. They are also grateful for donations of mats and the like to their guild bank. (OOC) Project Lazarus If you’ve attended the Siege on Stromgarde campaign the Stonetalon campaign and the first Tournament of Ages, you know of the Horde guild, The Fireborne. You may also know them by another name, the name that existed for about half a decade before being changed; Dominion of the Sun. Pioneers of the server’s RP-PVP, the closing of that guild signaled the end of the server campaign era, campaigns that provided unparallelled development for the Highguard, and for all the characters within it. Tendael, the GM of the Dominion, and its new identity as the Fireborne, left the Horde to start a guild on Alliance, called the Windfall Expedition. He can also be found playing Tendael Dawnlight II’s cousin, Saeran Dawnlight in the Highguard. However, he does long to return to the Horde and re-ignite Sin’dorei RP, and server RP-PVP campaigns. That’s where we come in. Do you have a blood elf but find Moon Guard’s blood elf RP scene to be practically dead? I do. Project Lazarus will be such a venture; reigniting the faction to build up for more RP-PVP, more storylines of conflict and combat. It’s time to bring back the sworn nemesis of the Highguard. Lore-abiding, sin’dorei RP with immersive storylines driven by the man with half a decade of experience, and also experience at the helm of the server’s greatest RP PVP campaigns. If you’re interested in getting involved with the project, fill out this little form: The Chapter

The Horsemen have been appointed! Finally, you may choose the path that best fits your paladin. Speak to the horseman of the path you wish to take, on how to do so. Sir Binor Dungalion, the Horseman of Respect. Sir Galvajin Lightblade, the Horseman of Tenacity. Dame Lynnesta Val’kirn, the Horseman of Compassion. Sir Gaelan Gyre, the Horseman of Truth.

Upcoming Events

  • Highcastle’s Seminars

  • As we further develop our own Silver Hand Chapter, many of its members find themselves wanting of a dialogue on the Silver Hand’s interpretation of the Light, and on others’ following of the Virtues. Highlord Menias Highcastle hosts Seminars on the Silver Hand to engage attendants in meaningful discussions on what it means to be a Paladin, and can answer most questions on that very path.

  • The Second High Elven Civil War

  • The antagonist behind the first High Elven Civil War, Cassandra Ellison, returns with a vengeance. She has taken the Highguard lands of Lindael and assassinated its ruling council, enacting shadowy apparitions to run the land as she wages destruction to its former allies. With a massive terrorist attack against Aeriyth’s homeland harbour of Dawntide, in which she, Sir Dungalion and Sir Lightblade were brutally injured, and the execution of three-hundred Dawnsorrow soldiers loyal to keeping the lands of Lindael safe, the Ranger Lady has declared war once more to liberate the lush, green region. More information on the first Civil War can be found on our Guild Lore page.

  • A Pilgrimage to the Sunwell

  • The war on Draenor is a trying time for the elves of the Highguard, and whilst on leave, efforts will be made for a holy pilgrimage to the Belore-blessed plateau, for some much-needed spiritual nourishment.

  • The Sun War

  • As the Highguard makes its presence known to the residents of Draenor, they will find themselves at odds with the High Arrakoa regarding their cultural symbol of Belore, and the Arrakoa’s native religion centred around Rhukmar.

  • Dawnwell’s Dusk / End of the Void

  • Your favourite antagonist, the Void Witch, has outdone herself. The Highguard returns to Draenor for the siege on Shattrath and is beholden to the depth of destruction that the child-like nemesis has wrought upon the Dawnwell. It’s time to put an end to her reign.

  • A Naval Piercing

  • With the ever-present threat posed in Tanaan Jungle, the Highguard will be undertaking a massive effort to construct a shipyard in the Redoubt, so that their might may be mete out to the Iron Horde that attempt to rebuild the Dark Portal.

  • The Second Tournament of Ages

  • Heralded as the greatest and only player-run event of its kind, the Tournament of Ages comes back in August of 2015. Grind out the rep and seals for a Silver Covenant tabard! Staff openings are available, inquire within! For more information, check out the slideshow and the official trailer!

  • OOC Teambuilding Fridays

  • While not an in-character thing (unfortunately), much interest has been expressed for teambuilding activities that are outside of World of Warcraft. Cards Against Humanity nights on Friday will break the mold and provide a way for you to get to know your fellow, insane guildies while in ventrilo! Furthermore, ever wish to hear how off-key your officers can be when giving you their rendition of Aladdin’s “A Whole New World”? Maybe. Friday nights will have some seriously insane shenanigans, and there may be even a rap battle or two. Also introducing League of Legends, and Heroes of the Storm shenanigans!

  • Black Ops 2 Online? Clan Name: Cat Clan Removal (PvP Division)

  • Not really an IC thing, but...uh...for the sake of Aeriyth. This will be a division hand selected by Galvajin to deal with problems by the Horde. Anyone can apply to a spot, but only 10 may be present at a time. (Cause. Uh. RBGs only have 10. Ya know?) Seeing as the Horde isn’t a bigger threat, only ten should suffice to deal with random problems, there will even be a second group! And when both groups are required? (A.K.A. World PvP) Both groups are present?! NO WAY! I really don’t know what we expected out of this….

Let's not forget, the Highguard's adventures!

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