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Memo: Times Change...

​When myself and a small handful of others founded the Highguard in late 2013, we had only invisioned a guild tag to share while we went about our own High Elf roleplay. I had never intended for Aeriyth to be my main, I had never intended to main Alliance side, but two years later here we are.

This guild, this community, has given me a new perspective on what roleplay should be. It has surpassed my most wishful thinking, and knocked down many personal barriers I had erected. Looking back, I had not ever once thought I would know so much love in my heart as I do right now, typing this. I care so deeply for everyone in this guild, and to see us all come together for story after story, campaign after campaign and server event after server event is absolutely amazing.

Right now, this is the largest and most active the Highguard has ever been. I never thought I would be a GM, let alone get to craft epic storylines and share adventures with you all. The officers and I, and even some of the members, have so much more in store for the guild for Legion, I'm constantly excited .

With that in mind, as we go forward into a massive expansion, there's something I'd like to speak to you all about. The guild is very large now, we've got new people which of course, means new friends, and with that we must always be welcoming towards them. We must always be able to help them with lore, their backstory, their TRP, dungeons, transmog runs - whatever it is. No one will be left out, no one will be ignored, and unfortunately I've seen it happen. I've had new members come to me, saying they don't feel welcome because they are being outright ignored in guild chat discussions, or when they desperately need help, it goes unanswered.

This makes me sad, and surely this isn't on purpose. Please, be mindful of those in guild chat, help them out, talk to them. Time and time again people have said our guild chat atmosphere is the most friendly and welcoming, and time and time again people have marvelled at the community we have within the guild. We can do better.

Starting on Monday, I will restart guild dungeons, battlegrounds and transmogrification runs. I am looking for people who rise up and say to me, "hell yeah Aeri I'll lead a group, let's go guys". I am looking for people who see a new member and go out of their way to ensure they are happy and comfortable here. Everyone you meet has the potential to be a great friend.

As always...


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