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Legion Invasion Writing Challenge!

The sky darkens overhead, a sickly green one could loosely equate to the ambience of Icecrown. Oh, how it had been so long since those days, how things seemed almost simpler when the threat had a name, a face, a crown...

Displacement energies fluxuated in the air, easily felt by those attuned to magic but what came next would be unsettling to all. Vortexes - portals - opened in the overcast sky above, giving birth to elongated, jagged objects that navigated the skies with ease. They were of a blackened metal, ports glowing green, and more of them just kept pouring out of the rift in the clouds. They descended all at once, launching volleys of fel-fire down on nearby villages, or hovering barely above the land to offload their cargo; demons.

The Legion returns.


The Legion returns, and with it, our writing challenge! In 5000 words or less, tell us the story from your character's prespective, of when the Legion's ships first appeared and what happened after that.

First Place: 15,000 gold, coloured bust by Lynnesta.

Second Place: Garn Nighthowl Mount

Third Place: Aeriyth draws you a Sprite Darter on notebook paper, tears it out and mails it to you.

Remember, 5000 words or less! Officers/advisors can't participate, because we're the judges. Feel free to use Pastebin, Deviant Art, Google Docs or whatever, and mail a tinyurl to Aeriyth to enter!

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