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Highguard Patch 1.5

Sit back for a huge dose of fun! We'll be talking about the revised ranks, Character Sheet/system, and what's in store for the guild down the road.

Revised In-Character Divisional Ranking System

With the guild getting so large, and so many things being added, the leadership has decided to revamp the IC ranks.

These are earned purely based off of IC merits, and members who have already proven themselves will be grandfathered into the appropriate rank. In-depth training and interactive means to rank up ICly are available for each division.

812th Battalion

Spellbows, Rangers, Sharpshooters and Farstriders:

  • Ranger Lord/Lady

  • The highest attainable rank within the Farstriders, directly below Ranger General which is held by Vereesa Windrunner.

  • Ranger Captain

  • Ranger Captains are the go-between for the lower ranks, and the Ranger Lord/Lady's orders. They are a valiantly proven addition to the 812th, masters of all that make a Ranger great.

  • Captain

  • Lieutenant

  • Farstrider

  • Surpassing the Rangers in both skill and ability, this is the first step on the chain upwards to Ranger Captain. Not all Rangers achieve the rank of Farstrider.

  • Ranger

  • New additions to the 812th are not immediately given the rank of Ranger. Instead, they must prove they know the basics of the corps and command.

The Outrunners

  • Scout Captain

  • The Scout Captain is in charge of the entire Outrunner division within the 812th. Advising on tactics and placement of the Outrunners, a Scout Captain also relays orders from on-high and is in charge of keeping their division up to snuff for operations.

  • Outrunner

  • A proven master of the arts of stealth. They are very difficult to catch, and would rather die than give up the information entrusted to them. Those who have achieved the rank of Outrunner are slippery, and down-right infuriating to any that try to impede their duties.

  • Messenger

  • Messengers are proven Scouts who have earned the trust to deliver important messages, packages or letters to wherever they are ordered.

  • Scout

  • ​The lowest rung on the Outrunner ladder, Scouts are only entrusted with scouting the field and reporting back their findings.

The Air Group

  • CAG

  • Otherwise known as Commander (of the) Air Group, the CAG is responsible for overseeing the readiness of the Air Group and leading in operations.

  • Sky Lieutenant

  • They are officers, proven in the skies and can be assigned a Squadron by the CAG to oversee for specific purposes.

  • Dragoon

  • One rank up from the regular rank-and-file Skyguard, Dragoons are experienced flyers and can lead a section of a Squadron at the Sky Lieutenant's request for side objectives and recon operations.

  • Skyguard

  • Not quite as experienced as a Dragoon but still better than a Trainee, the Skyguard forms the majority of the Air Group.

  • Trainee

  • Wee babs, them. Hopefully they don't fall out of the sky. Trainees are the entry-level rank for the Air Group.

The Battlemage Corps

  • Warmagus

  • The Warmagus is the leader of the Highguard's Battlemage Corps. The office is presently held by Dal'itha Manawhisper.

  • Minister

  • There are many ministers, one for each school or section of expertise within magic. Each are responsible for specialised knowledge on their schools, and are charged with both leading the Battlemagi in case the Warmagus falls or is unaccounted for, and teaching the younger members. To become a Minister, you must first reach the status of Magister.

  • Magister / Magistrix

  • One step below a Minister of a School of Magic, these Battlemagi are considered top-tier and as close to expert as one can get without being a Minister. They are qualified to take apprentices and educate others on magic.

  • Battlemage

  • Proven beyond being a sable initiate or apprentice, those who have earned the rank of Battlemage are the rank-and-file of the Corps. Fearsome and learned, they are the backbone of the Silver Covenant.

  • Apprentice

  • Students of a Magister or Magistrix, they are on their way to becoming a real Battlemage.

  • Initiate

  • Initiates are new additions to the Corps that are either very inexperienced, or have yet to prove themselves beyond this rank.

The Spellbreakers

  • Master-At-Arms

  • Top rank within the Spellbreaker Division in charge of organising Spellbreaker training, as well as Thalassian military formations training. Carries with it the responsibility of crafting/repairing the traditional Elven equipment carried by all other Spellbreakers. The Master-At-Arms holds command over the entire Spellbreaker Division, only answering to the highest ranking leaders within the Silver Covenant. Handles all paperwork involved with new Initiates, as well as the paperwork for requisitioning the materials necessary for crafting Spellbreaker gear. Vaessina Lae'shalar is the presiding Master-At-Arms.

  • Champion

  • Title given to the most experienced and skillful Spellbreaker under the Master-At-Arms among the Spellbreaker Division, often tasked with assisting the Master-At-Arms in setting and reaching the Spellbreaker Division’s various goals. This includes occasionally aiding in teaching through sparring and participating in the most dangerous of operations. The Champion has official authority in commanding the Spellbreaker Division in the Captain’s absence, and is automatically promoted to the rank of Master-At-Arms temporarily if the Master-At-Arms is incapacitated, or permanently if the Master-At-Arms perishes.

  • The Golden Glaives

  • The most Elite among the Spellbreaker Division are known as the Golden Glaives. Upon attaining this rank, each Golden Glaive has their weapon enhanced even further. The hilts of these Glaives have a decorative layer of gold, with enchanted sapphire stones set within the hilt to further enhance the capabilities of the Spellbreaker. The blades themselves are replaced with mithril.

Golden Glaives are given the freedom to assist in nearly any threat without the need to ask for permission. Golden Glaives can be given command to lead a small detachment of Spellbreakers, or supervise a Grey Glaive/Initiate in battle. Golden Glaives may act alone or with others, and may periodically challenge the Champion for the rank of Champion.

  • Silver Spellbreaker

  • Silver Spellbreakers are full-fledged Spellbreakers who have completed their training. This rank is automatically granted to any new Spellbreaker to the Division who can prove they received complete Spellbreaker training long before the Second War, and can prove their competence as a Spellbreaker.

  • Trainee (Grey Glaive)

  • Grey Glaives are official trainees who have committed to and aspire to one day becoming a Spellbreaker. Initiates advance to this rank once they have proven themselves through attending a sufficient amount of training sessions. Grey Glaives are not allowed to enter dangerous environments alone unless given the express approval of a ranking Silver Covenant Officer or our Alar’ashisore (Ranger-Lady) herself.

  • Initiate

  • Initiates are the newest members to the Division, often given their armour from day one so that they might be given the most time to adjust to it. In time, they also receive their Tower-Shield. Initiates must be granted approval from a ranking Officer within the Highguard to participate in battle, and must be constantly supervised. They are not allowed to go off to battle alone under any circumstances.

Mercy Sect

  • Cleric General

  • Head of the Mercy sect, Referred to Cleric General. They are responsible for all of Mercy. They make the policy and delegate said policy to the Chief to enforce. Has the final authority on Medical Leave and Leave of Absences. Is also responsible for reviewing action and field reports of the Mercy Section’s duties. Is required to go before the Ranger Lady/Lord of the Highguard on behalf of Mercy Sect.

  • Chief Medical Officer

  • Second in command of the Mercy section, known as Chief. In charge of handling medical emergencies, including delegating to the Medical Officers their duties. The person that is in ultimately in charge of the clinic. They are also the final say in medical matters that need to be decided on. If the Cleric General is unable to perform their responsibilities, it is up to the Chief Medical Officer to uphold the Cleric General’s responsibilities.

  • Specialty Medical Officer (First Class)

  • The senior members Mercy. These Officers oversee, and support the core of Mercy. They are gifted in their chosen specialty and can aid in educating and or training the MO2’s that work with them. These Medical professionals have proven themselves capable Medical Officers and have been selected by the Cleric General to be leaders within Mercy. They both man the clinics and field hospitals and also assist the Medical Officers as needed.

  • General Medical Officer (Second Class)

  • The core of Mercy’s medical practitioners, these Officers have proven their ability to adapt and overcome challenges in a medical emergency situation. They have proven to their superiors that they can use the triage system effectively, that they are proficient in both the fundamental five, their weapons, and armor as needed. They have the trust of their superiors and are able to man the clinics and field hospitals on their own. These officers will also choose a specialty to focus on or refocus on an already chosen specialty. At which point they will be up for selection to be promoted to Medical Officer 1st class.

  • Intern (Third Class)

  • Mercy’s first level of fully fledged Medical practitioners, these Medical Officers will advance their initial training by actively serving in a clinic or in the field in order to learn how to properly use their skills in a working medical facility or in a field exercise. They will also be introduced to armor and weapons as well as the respective skills needed to wield said armaments. Upon demonstrating their knowledge of the requirements for Phase One training they will be promoted to Medical Officer 2nd Class.

The Navy

  • Fleet Commander

  • The commanding officer of the Highguard navy. Answers to the Ranger Lord/Lady of the Highguard

  • Admiral

  • An officer in charge of coordinating the battle on the strategic level. Leads a battlegroup. Takes orders from the Fleet Commander and directs the captains in his command to maneuver their ships to accomplish the mission.

  • Captain

  • An officer in charge of a single ship of the fleet. Is the ultimate authority of that ship, and is held responsible for the wellbeing of the ship and its crew. Takes assignments from his battlegroup’s admiral, and maneuvers his/her ship in a manner he/she considers best to carry out those orders.

  • First Mate

  • The second-in-command of any vessel of the Highguard fleet. Supports the captain in all duties. Focuses on maintaining good order and discipline within the crew, as well as personally ensuring the captain’s orders are carried out.

  • Lieutenant

  • A member of the wardroom (ship’s officer corps). Supports the captain and first mate and carries out their orders. When needed, takes direct charge over a crewmember or group of crewmembers to carry out a specific task onboard.

  • Petty Officer

  • The highest ranking enlisted crewmember. This rank is earned only by experienced members of the Highguard who have proven their discipline and seaworthiness over a long time. Supports the officers and carries out their orders, as well as ensuring the lower enlisted ranks do the same.

  • Gunner’s Mate

  • A senior member of the crew. Has learned extensively the seafaring art, and is skilled at accomplishing all tasks required onboard: to include maintenance, navigation, and combat. Answers to all superior ranks, and assists lower ranks in their training.

  • Boatswain’s Mate

  • A junior member of the crew. Has proven capable of learning the vital parts of manning a ship at sea: to include maintenance and navigation. In training to master combat. Answers to all superior ranks, and assists sailors and deckhands in their training.

  • Sailor

  • A junior member of the crew. Has proven capable of performing basic maintenance and repairs while onboard. In training to learn combat and master navigation. Answers to all superior ranks, and assists deckhands in their training.

  • Deckhand

  • The most junior member of the crew. Deckhands are fresh recruits to the Highguard fleet, and can be assumed to hold no prior seafaring knowledge. In training to learn maintenance, navigation, and combat. Answers to all superior ranks.

The Curators of Thalassian Culture

  • Head Curator

  • The Head Curator is in charge of overseeing all progresses made within the Curators, as well as administrative tasks with public works projects and arranging excavations.

  • Chief Archivist

  • The Chief Archivist keeps records on recoveries, dig sites and organises finds within a safe vault in Dalaran. The Chief Archivist is responsible for every item within the curated collection.

  • Exhibit Director

  • Exhibit Directors are officials on varying types of exhibits of Thalassian Culture, such as an exhibit entirely on Thalassian magical relics, or another entirely upon the arts. Their individual passions shine.

  • Research Aide

  • Aides routinely assist the sub-division when it comes to in-depth research on finds and sites. Their passion lies in decyphering the relics uncovered, to unlock the wisdom they may offer for the public.

  • Archaeologist

  • With a passion for exploring and discovery, Archaeologists are the backbone of the sub-division. They're not afraid to get down in the dirt and spend days on a dig camping out, if it means to find something of elven history.

  • Curator

  • Regular curators simply aid all of the above, until proving themselves worthy of advancement, or desiring it.

The Diocese of Quel'Danas

  • Bishop of Quel'Danas (Your/Her Grace)

  • Primary Spiritual-Leader of the Diocese of Quel’Danas. The Bishop of Quel’Danas is tasked with maintaining the articles of faith, as well as; prioritizing spiritual guidance amongst the faithful. The Ordinary of Quel’Danas is presently Auroralina Ivenhart.

  • Auxiliary Bishop of Quel’Danas (Your/Her Grace)

  • Secondary Spiritual-Leader of the Diocese of Quel’Danas. The Auxiliary Bishop of Quel’Danas is tasked with Church administration, as well as; prioritizing education and direction of the Ordinates of the Church of the Holy Light. The Auxiliary Ordinary is presently Fiona Vynam-Daggerfang.

  • High Priest of the Faith (Reverend Father/Mother)

  • The High Priest of the Faith serves as leaders in education and spirtual-guidance. These men and women train tomorrow’s Clerics, while also guiding the Partisans in their spiritual journey.

  • The office of Prime Seminarian is given to the most qualified High Priest to set the standard of Light education. (Vicar of Education)

  • Priest of the Faith (Father/Mother)

  • The Priest of the Faith are shepherds of common. In their journey of spiritual enlightenment these men and women guide their flock in the word of the Light. To become a Priest is considered one of the hardest and honorable paths a cleric can travel down.

  • Deacon of the Faith (Brother/Sister)

  • The Deacon of the Faith are assistants of the Parish. Their purpose is to assist the Priests and High Priests in Liturgy by reading from the sacred texts or assisting in specific rites. To become a Deacon is like a stepping stone to your Ordination of Priesthood.

  • Lay-Priest (Aspirant of the Church: Brother/Sister)

  • The Lay-Priest is a sworn member of the Church of the Holy Light who has given their worldly goods to live a pious life. Many Lay-Priests continue to live pious lives as just a Lay-Priest of the Diocese, but often some continue with aspirations of Ordination or Knighthood.

  • Partisan (Lightsworn of the Church of the Holy Light)

  • A Partisan is a member of the Church of the Holy Light who lives in an acknowledge Diocese. Each individual is considered to be religious and attends services on an at-will basis

D20 Division-Based Perks

We've done a number crunch from D100 down to D20, and redone the system to allow for much more customisation. Hero Abilities are still a thing, too, so don't worry! Here we've balanced some division-based perks to outline a bonus you get from your training. Be sure to copy-paste which one you have, and keep it below your character sheet!

812th Battalion

Windrunner's Legacy: Every successful defense roll in a wooded area grants a counter attack for normal damage.

Spellbows no longer need to put points into Bow for attacks, they rely upon their casting skill.

The Battlemage Corps

Ley Advantage: After 3 successful spell hits, roll an additional D10 above 3 on your fourth successful spell to split it into 3 bolts, dealing 3x damage to 1 target.

Example: You've landed 3 spell attacks so far. Attack phase #4, you roll high enough to hit the enemy! But wait, you also get to /roll 10 now. You /roll 10, get a 5, and now your one attack is 3 attacks for 3x damage! Emote that out!

The Spellbreakers

Arcaneborne: Upon rolling a successful D20 defense against a magical attack, roll an additional D10 above 4 to reflect the spell back at the attacker for full damage.

Example: A Cultist fires a shadowbolt at you on Defense Phase. You roll high enough to block it, but since it's magic, you get to /roll 10 to see if you can reflect it back before you emote. You /roll 10 and got a 6, so your character reflects the spell back at the cultist. Emote that out!

Mercy Sect

Divine Intervention: When reduced to 50% HP, first revive 1 KO'd member to half of their HP. Then, while at 50% HP or lower, your successful heals now effect 1 additional member on the field.

Silver Hand of Quel'Thalas

Avenging Wrath: When 30% of allies are KO, successful Attack Phase rolls give an additional hit.

Example: Attack phase, you've rolled high enough to hit the enemy, but 30% or more of your group is KO'd. You get to attack twice in your emote, doing extra damage.

What We Have In Store, Spoiler Alert!

Check it out here.

A great start to 2016 in the Highguard. Things will ramp up and send us shooting into Legion.

As always, SHIN'DO SQUIG!

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