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Highguard Patch 1.5.1 - \[T]/


  • Bishop of Quel'Danas (Your/Her Incandescence - Formerly Your/Her Grace)

  • Primary Spiritual-Leader of the Diocese of Quel’Danas. The Bishop of Quel’Danas is tasked with maintaining the articles of faith, as well as; prioritizing spiritual guidance amongst the faithful. The Ordinary of Quel’Danas is presently Auroralina Ivenhart.

  • Auxiliary Bishop of Quel’Danas (Your/Her Incandescence - Formerly Your/Her Grace)

  • Secondary Spiritual-Leader of the Diocese of Quel’Danas. The Auxiliary Bishop of Quel’Danas is tasked with Church administration, as well as; prioritizing education and direction of the Ordinates of the Church of the Holy Light. The Auxiliary Ordinary is presently Fiona Vynam-Daggerfang.

  • High Priest of the Faith (Your/His/Her Radiance - Formerly Reverend Mother/Father)

  • The High Priest of the Faith serves as leaders in education and spirtual-guidance. These men and women train tomorrow’s Clerics, while also guiding the Partisans in their spiritual journey.

  • Prime Seminarian

  • The office of Prime Seminarian is given to the most qualified High Priest to set the standard of Light education.

  • Priest of the Sunwell (Formerly Priest of the Faith) (Father/Mother)

  • The Priest of the Sunwell are shepherds of common. In their journey of spiritual enlightenment these men and women guide their flock in the word of the Light. To become a Priest is considered one of the hardest and honorable paths a cleric can travel down.

  • Deacon of the Sun (Formerly Deacon of the Faith) (Brother/Sister)

  • The Deacons of the Sun are assistants of the Diocese. Their purpose is to assist the Priests and High Priests in Liturgy by reading from the sacred texts or assisting in specific rites. To become a Deacon is like a stepping stone to your Ordination of Priesthood.

  • Solar Priest (Formerly Lay-Priest/Priestess) (Aspirant of the Church: Brother/Sister)

  • A Solar Priest/Priestess is a sworn member of the Church of the Holy Light who has given their worldly goods to live a pious life by Thalassian scripture. Their human counterpart would be Lay-Priests. Often some continue with aspirations of Ordination or Knighthood.

  • Partisan

  • A Partisan is a member of the Church of the Holy Light who lives in an acknowledge Diocese. Each individual is considered to be religious and attends services on an at-will basis

Added New Path to the Silver Hand Chapter of Quel'Thalas

Sun Knights, Belore's Might

Sworn to Belore and the Sunwell itself, these radiant, plated figures have taken up residence within the Silver Hand Chapter of Quel'Thalas. While the Silver Hand largely involves practices towards the Light, the Sun Knights serve its agent, Belore.

Sun Knight "Division Perk"

Solar Flare: (If the sun can be seen) Every successful attack landed, also /roll 12 and if it is over 7, a burst of Solar energy slams down from the sky at your same target. Calculate the damage by /roll 6, twice, adding both numbers up. (This is called a 2d6!)

What does it take?

The prospective Sun Knight must retrace the path of the Vial in possession of Dath'Remar Sunstrider in reverent pilgrimage to the Sunwell. At Sunrise, mid-day and Sunset, the pilgrim will meditate where he or she stands upon the hardships of those footsteps they follow in. If the pilgrim is worthy, it will be realised by a great discovery from within.

When the Sunwell is reached, the pilgrim must receive the blessing of their Ancestors. If successful, they are to undertake six trials of their own creation - six for the six rays the Sunwell used to bear. Six trials that illuminate the darkness.

Completing those trials, the Novice will then meet with Her Incandescence, the Bishop of Quel'Danas. Only with her blessing does the ceremony proceed; relatively short, but very important.

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