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Highguard Patch 1.5.2

We're splitting up our Legion patch (2.0) into smaller patches so you all have time to pick up all the cool, new features. This one was a project months in the making as the Leadership commissioned guildie Aellandeil to draft up rank insignias for -everything-. These will be integrated on Moon Guard character wiki-pages with a custom infobox:

Silver Hand of Quel'Thalas

Thalassian Academy of War

812th Battalion including Skyguard and The Outrunners

Diocese of Quel'Danas

Mercy Sect

The Spellbreakers

Battlemage Corps

Curators of Thalassian Culture

The Navy

Want em? All you have to do is make a wiki page on the Moon Guard Wiki, you can find a guide on how under "Resources".

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