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Guildie Spotlight: Aellandeil

Portrait by Lynnesta

It's time for another guildie spotlight, this time the talented fashion guru who plays Aellandeil Sunheart, an equally-talented fashion guru ICly! With exceptional skills in fantasy design, many guildies have commissioned him:

He was also the driving artist (With help from Lynnesta) behind the 2016 Tournament of Ages Championship Rings for all the class dueling brackets:

So if you're interested in Thalassian (or other) outfits custom-tailored and drawn..

Aellandeil has opened up an in-character boutique and is open for commissions for gold prices, too! Click [here] to learn more about Thalassian Couture and click [here] to visit Aell's tumblr for more art and info on prices.

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