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Highguard Patch 1.5.3

More things are happening!

Mercy Sect


The requirements for promotion have changed from the required Phases to simple attendance. Instead of having to complete specific Phases for each rank, Mercy Members ranked MO3 and above need only to attend Training Sessions as well as Guild Events in order to be promoted. MO1 is still promoted by selection only. Interns are still required to attend an Introductory meeting and Orientation, as well as the other requirements before they are promoted to MO3.

New Stuff:

Introducing two new roles within Mercy Sect, the Rapid Response Team and the Rapid Exfiltration Technician.
Rapid Response Team and Rapid Medical Exfiltration (RRT and RMX)

An RRT is made up of 2-4 Medical officers, a senior medical officer and junior medical officer. They are on call for a certain number of hours or days before being relieved and replaced by another. The senior Medical Officer is always lead on the RRT, in the case of two seniors getting picked at the same time, the more senior of the two takes the lead. The team is required to answer all medical calls over the comms for their shift. They will respond, provide treatment, and then file a report for the Cleric General (Send an in game mail with details of the incident.)

The RXT, Rapid Exfiltration Technician, is a Medical Officer assigned an RMX device. The devices are used to quickly transport a casualty to the infirmary or a field hospital. It is the responsibility of the RMT to synchronize the device with it’s counterpart at either the infirmary or the field hospital. It is also the responsibility of the RMT to protect the device. The technician is still a Medical Officer and is expected to perform their regular duties along with their RMT duties. An RMT is on call at all times, they should be prepared to respond to a request for Rapid Medical Exfiltration (RMX)

RMX Device Details: (WIP)

Coming soon:

Division Medical Officer assignments: Available only for MO2s and MO1s.

Mercy Sect plot: Could someone be specifically targeting members of Mercy? Talk to Elhanan about possibly being involved.

Curators of Thalassian Culture

With the wide-spread desire to establish a new home, the Curators have evolved in purpose. Thalassian Culture must not just be preserved, but repaired and restarted if there is any hope for a nation reborn. Stepping into Legion, the Curators will have their work cut out for them as their success directly ties into one of our main guild storylines.

D20 Items

Artifact weapons were an interesting idea for Blizzard to go with, and it gave us some neat ideas on things guildies can use ICly that would have some effect on their IC power. Luckily, we had a storyline weapon on-hand (if you remember the Azsharite storyline with the demon-sucking blade) and it'll be the first example of what is to come more in Legion:

We call these D20 weapons in short.They will be our 'artifact' weapons that guildies will be able to go on RP quests to obtain, level up, you name it. They also have unique models, like Demonsnare, that you will be given in-game.

But what if you just want to use your character's own weapon, that has special significance like Aeriyth's bow? We'll be rolling out enchantments and enhancements, so you can give some power to your custom weapon but those who've worked for D20 weapons won't feel cheated.

Enchantments can be found in stronger levels later on, we'll go over that but we will be allowing magi in the guild to make some of these. You'll see! Also, using one enchantment gives you the following debuff:


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