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Highguard Patch 2.1

Table of Contents

  1. A Future in Suramar

  2. Cross-Faction Campaigns

  3. Multi-Guild RP

  4. Tournament of Ages

  5. New D20 Pet System

  6. New D20 Bromance System

A Future in Suramar

Elisande and Gul'dan are defeated, and with that victory Suramar is freed from the tyranny of the Legion. The Night Elves, High Elves, Blood Elves and Nightborne rebels - with the aid of the Kirin Tor - united to achieve this crucial victory, and now the Legion's ships have returned. While most military might turns towards stopping the gateway opened within the Tomb of Sargeras, there is still much work to be done in the ancient, elven city for all to return, or find, a life there. For the elves of the Highguard, Suramar is seen as their biggest chance to settle down and establish a community to repair their fractured numbers. In time their gaze shall travel the seas towards Quel'Thalas, but for now...For now at least there is this. Elon Nor'theldron, rescued from the Nighthold, has pledged his house towards seeing the high elves flourish within the capitol of their shared, noble heritage, and a Colony long in development to take root. This was the dream of many scattered, high elven leaders, brought together under the banner of the Convocation, and now it is finally come to pass. Positions are available within the Colony's government! Check out what you'd like to do. Civilian life is perfectly fine and encouraged! Click here.

Cross-Faction Campaigns As mentioned above, House Nor'theldron will be supporting the quel'dorei's settlement in Suramar, however Thalryssa's fledgling regime comes at a time of more war, more uncertainty with our renewed assault on the Broken Shore. Ambitious, opportunistic nobles emerge in times such as these, and the Dominion of the Sun no doubt has begun to court their own favour. The Suramar Campaign discord will be undergoing some layout changes as we settle into having our own bases within the city, as well as the friction we'll encounter against the sin'dorei who are doing the same. RP-PVP and X-Fac D20 events are going on for the story all throughout April! Check out the Slideshow of the Symphony of Suramar here. Alliance RP Got a few things on this! House of Nobles There's many changes happening in the Stormwind House of Nobles multi-guild RP group, and the Convocation has a Diplomatic Delegation that will be attending it to represent the high elves who are in Stormwind. If you'd like to get in on that, bring it up! SI:7 Vince heads this up, rogues only! Get in with the SI:7 community RP and their clandestine, sneaky events. Whisper Specialist in Highguard or just poke Vince when you see him. Light's Accord With the renewed Legion assault, the Light's Accord reignites with the purpose of closing off the Tomb, and joining the Army of the Light as they take the fight against darkness, across the stars. Holy divisions from various guilds get together in Discord and organise GLORIOUS CRUSADES. Paladins/Priests only! Tournament of Ages This year it'll start August 6th! Get your Silver Covenant tabards and prepare to compete or sell elven wares at our booth! New D20 Pet System This has been a bit of a tricky thing to work with, but let's see how this works out for everyone: Command will be capped off at 10 points, and is the modifier for attack, magical defense, physical defense, and endurance. The pet and its commander may attack at the same time. New D20 Bromance System by Bakuzan Have you ever wanted your character to fulfill more of a support role without the rigors or squeamish IC knowledge of first aid, or being relegated to a healing role? Do you yearn to save your companions from dangers unknown, but their rolls are just... so godawful. With the new Heroes of Warcraft BROMANCE stat, now your character can intervene beyond the nail-biting suspense of a DM-instituted saving throw. Be the support class you've always wanted to be with guaranteed roll bonuses to assisted players! BROMANCE is a new stat that directly correlates into saving the hides of those less fortunate - you can now intervene before they emote with your own +1 to +4 to their roll results! Someone need a little more assistance with their attack roll? BROMANCE it. An ally about to be squished by a falling environmental hazard? BROMANCE that, too! It's infinitely useful in combat scenarios where compatriots need just a little more of a push to succeed. Simply add BROMANCE to your attack sheet in multiples of 5, up to 20 - (5, 10, 15, 20 only) for a +1, +2, +3 or even +4 to an ally's roll result! Call it out in the thick of battle or whisper to them after rolls are finished, letting them know your assistance is on the way, then emote your reaction and aid! A BROMANCE assist takes up a player's attack phase; players cannot roll twice in one round (for their own rolls + an assist).

For example:

Wey-Chung, Taldarick and Raegil are combating a nefarious Darkspear headhunter! They get the opening strike. Wey-Chung charges (performs his own attack roll). Taldarick is given a BROMANCE assist by Raegil. Taldarick rolls; Raegil adds her BROMANCE stat to his final roll and does not get to roll herself (her turn is utilized to buff Taldarick's roll by +1 to +4.)

Following defensive turns, the player's next action/attack round is negated. This applies to both combat and action rolls (perception checks, etc.) at DM discretion. Take a round to relax, you just played the hero! For example, on a defensive turn:

Wey-Chung, Taldarick and Raegil are still fighting the Darkspear headhunter. He hurls a flurry of spears at the group! Taldarick passes his defensive roll, Raegil passes hers, but Wey-Chung fails his by 3. If Raegil has <15 in her BROMANCE stat, she can step in on that defense phase to save him, but then sacrifices the following attack phase.

BROMANCE can be a game-changer during those rolls where it’s almost too close to call, and it’ll be exciting to see how players implement it in combat scenarios. Don’t be shy on giving us feedback and suggestions when it comes to implementing this new stat! That's all for now! Shin'do Highguard! :squig:

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