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Highguard Patch 2.1.1

Patch 2.1.1 has a few changes to the D20 system! As marked in bold below. Bromance

5 Skill Points = + 1 2

10 Skill Points = + 2 4

15 Skill Points = + 3 6

20 Skill Points = + 4 8



This modifier was once capped at 10, and only allowed you to have your pet attack on your turn with their health, atk and defense modified by 10.


Command may be used to intimidate, coerce, convince or order an NPC.

Command now caps at 20.

Command still allows your pet to attack on your turn. Their health, atk and defense can be modified up to 20 with the raised Command cap.


Multiply your skill points by 5, and then add an additional 5 10 for your HP total.


Mercy Sect

Divine Intervention Sacred Plea: When reduced to 50% HP, first revive 1 KO'd member to half of their HP. Then, while at 50% HP or lower, your successful heals now effect 1 2 additional members on the field.

Battlemage Corps

Ley Advantage: After 3 successful spell hits, roll an additional D10 above 3 on your fourth successful spell to split it into 3 bolts, dealing 3x damage to 1 target. The 3 bolts only take into account an enemy’s Magical Defense stat. If your D10 fails, Ley Advantage is reset.

Silver Hand of Quel’Thalas

Avenging Wrath: When 30% of allies are KO, successful Attack Phase rolls strike twice. Additionally, you may heal an ally and attack on the same phase.

812th Battalion: Farstriders

Windrunner's Legacy: Every successful defense roll in a wooded area grants a counter attack for normal damage. +10 DMG on a successful Sneak Attack.


Horadrim: When demons are near, you gain advantage (roll twice, take the higher of the two) on perception checks.

+ 5 10 DMG to Demonkin

Illidari take half fel damage and once every 5 turns may use Spectral Sight for a guaranteed flawless perception check from the DM.

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