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The Sun Knight Order is a Quel'dorei religious and military sect centered around the  Sunwell and might of Belore as the center of faith and spiritual life. Comprising largely of Quel'dorei Sun Knights and Sun Priests, Sun Knights and Priests channel the Sunwell's combination of divine and arcane magics, as well as solar energy in a manner similar to the Sunwalkers of An'she. They are however, first and foremost sworn to the Sunwell which both empowers them and guides their ways, as do Quel'dorei traditions once widely revered under the pre-invasion priesthood of High Priest Vandellor.


Following the invasion of Quel'Thalas, Quel'dorei among the Alliance were uprooted from a society which had once deeply revered the Sunwell as a sacred place as well as a font of energy. Many displaced Quel'dorei took to service among the Order of the Silver Hand, bolstering the numbers of the few High Elves who had taken up the path of the Three Virtues, or the broader Church of the Holy Light, to which they had belonged, but as a reclusive race. As time passed after the restoration of the Sunwell, a number of Quel'dorei turned their attention back to the Belore and the renewed Sunwell, giving up the title of a Paladin and taking on the charge of the first Sun Knights.


With the blessing of the Bishop of Quel'Danas, the Sun Knights and Priests set began growing their nascent order, striving to revive the reverence of Belore and the Sunwell as the center of spiritual life. Sworn to Belore and the Sunwell itself, these radiant templars have taken up residence alongside the Silver Hand Chapter of Quel'Thalas with its association to the Silver Covenant Highguard. While the Silver Hand largely involves practices towards the Light, the Sun Knights serve its agent, Belore.


While being devotees of the Sunwell allows the Knights access to its arcane and holy properties, they are also able to tap into the natural energy of the Sun itself, calling down solar fire to supplement them in battle.




Sun Matriarch Honorem Dawnfury leads the new era of Belore's faithful protectors, breathing life into a tradition that many outsiders had thought died out with the Scourge invasion.

Sun Knights, as well as their priestly compatriots, dress themselves in golden armour as displayed, representing the radiance of the Sun. Weapons of choice are often determined by the Knight, with some preferring swords and others maces. Though, as the order continues to grow and gain more knights, standardised practices are expected to emerge.

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