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Code of Conduct

This is the OOC Code of Conduct. If you are looking for the IC Code of Conduct, it can be found within the Handbook here.





  • We do not allow derogatory slurs within guild chat. We as well do not allow jokes about sensitive materials such as rape, sexual abuse, assault, hatred against mental illnesses, suicide, etc, etc. Basically: if it is used to offend someone based on race, gender, sexuality, mental status, etc, it's a problem. That includes telling others to kill themselves. Also, such words as rape and those mentioned above are strictly banned in guild chat.

  • Stop Means Stop. If a topic in guild chat is brought up that touches upon political, religious or personal issues and makes someone uncomfortable, and they say STOP, move it to the mature chat. /join Highguard

  • ERP in public will get you kicked. Seriously, don't be gross.

  • Griefing other RP, even RP outside of the guild, will get you kicked. 

  • Teabagging corpses, corpse camping, spitting or placing banners on RP PVP corpses will get you kicked.

  • If you plan to emote something that effects another's character in any way, obtain consent OOCly. This is a must.

  • No IC slutmog. Keep it respectable. 

  • No OOC harassment of anyone, even if you do not get along with them. Be mindful of how you represent the guild tag.

  • Powergaming is not allowed, that includes making your character as powerful or on-par with major lore characters. Chronomancy, age magics, immortality, vampire RP and resurrection (in most cases) is included.


Violations of the above Code of Conduct are handled on a case-by-case basis, with all of the officers and the GM involved in appropriate action.










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