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Who are we?

The Highguard is the premier Silver Covenant roleplay guild on Moon Guard. With RP-PVP / D20 / Free-form events throughout guild and server storylines, we strive to offer a multitude of options for events and an immersive environment for high elven roleplay as well as a blossoming out-of-character community throughout many guilds. The leadership core always has something for everyone to do, from massive server-wide RP-PVP campaigns to the table-top style of Dungeons and Dragons.

Our custom-tailored D20 system offers customisation for your character's skills without overwhelming you with numbers, alongside an extensive network for RP-PVP. We offer a wide variety of fun and work to fit your character in with ours - and never discount their backstory. If a Ranger Captain joins up with the Highguard, they stay a Ranger Captain. If a Knight or Dame does the same, even joining up with the Silver Hand Chapter of Quel'Thalas, they retain their knighthood. Any rank or title that your character has achieved in roleplay or backstory will -never- be ignored.

We strive to uphold an immersive, welcoming and mature atmosphere for the blossoming high elven roleplay scene on Moon Guard, and are always looking for individuals who wish the same.


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