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Highguard Patch 2.2

This patch introduces a new Perk system for the D20. Instead of spending points on skill selections, you can purchase Perks for a certain amount. It could prove a worthwhile investment! They are live on the main D20 breakdown page here.

Each of these cost 10 Skill Points.

Glamour Once a day you may use your magical wiles to convince an NPC into an action. Resourceful Once a day you may loot a non-boss enemy for some goodies. Lifebond Once a day you may heal your companion to full with this magical salve. Final Word When an attack reduces you to 0 HP, you instead hold out at 1 HP for the following Attack Phase. Then, you go down. Aegis If you take 0 DMG from an attack, you can choose to intervene and take another player’s damage for them. Abjurer’s Touch Once a day you may use your Arcane Skill on a Defense Phase to manifest a shield around you or another. The shield blocks damage equal to Arcane Skill. Divine Intervention Requires 20 in Light Requires In-Character Faith Once a day you may attempt to call upon the Light to intervene for you. /roll 100 and if 10 or lower, it is successful. The DM will emote what happens. Once Divine Intervention succeeds, it cannot be used for 7 days. Merciful Touch

[Unique] Your healing spells now affect an additional player for half. Crusader

[Unique] You sacrifice your healing dice for a single 1d8, and in exchange, you can attack and heal on the same Attack Phase.

We will continue to expand and tweak this system to provide another interesting way to play your character out in the D20. SHIN'DO SQUIG

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