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Under new administration, the Church of the Holy Light allowed for the reconstruction of the Diocese of Quel'Danas. Creating a point of relief for the Quel’dorei people of the Alliance, allowing them to safely venture outwards to their former Kingdom and Holy Land. 


The Diocese has been established to return the High Elves to the sense of their own religious, cultural identity, and with it; much needed spiritual nourishment. Even Half-Elves have found a place to explore the wonderment of their heritage, even if their access to the Sunwell is unclear at best. 




Those within the Diocese are given charge of the immortal souls of their Thalassian flock, which is no simple task. Sermons, seminary, and helping host liturgy are just some of the important duties given to each and every Priest or Priestess. They are expected to not only uphold the virtues of the Light, but embody them in their every day life.

"Due to the growing populace of the Quel'Dorei and Half-Elven throughout the Kingdoms of Azeroth, the Church of the Holy Light has granted ministerial authority to the ecclesiastics of Elven descent. Allowing these Knights and Priests to administer religious and legal authority in regards to the Elves, as well as, their associates throughout the world of Azeroth. To help bridge and connect these members of society, creating a sense that even without their original home of Quel'Thalas, they are still connected." - Stated to the gathered faithful by Bishop Fiona Vynam, after her consecration to Bishophood.

Her Grace, Bishop Bellaria Sunrose, is the leader of the Diocese. Her Grace serves as a beacon to guide the Thalassian faithful, as well as providing blessed Sinderon warsteeds to the Thalassian Chapter as Lady of the Reigns.

The Reverend Mother Fiona, a controversial choice as Auxiliary Bishop of Quel'Danas, for she is a half-elf.

The garb of an Ordained priest or priestess in the Diocese.

The vestments of a Reverend.

Bishop's Regalia.

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