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Requirements For Membership

  1. Pure-Blooded Thalassian or
  2. Highborne - case by case basis for admission
  3. Half Thalassian - case by case basis for admission, significantly harder to train and no guarantees can be made.

Ranking Structure

Top rank within the Spellbreaker Division in charge of organising Spellbreaker training, as well as Thalassian military formations training. Carries with it the responsibility of crafting/repairing the traditional Elven equipment carried by all other Spellbreakers. The Master-At-Arms holds command over the entire Spellbreaker Division, only answering to the highest ranking leaders within the Silver Covenant. Handles all paperwork involved with new Initiates, as well as the paperwork for requisitioning the materials necessary for crafting Spellbreaker gear. Vaessina Lae'shalar is the presiding Master-At-Arms.



Title given to the most experienced and skillful Spellbreaker under the Master-At-Arms among the Spellbreaker Division, often tasked with assisting the Master-At-Arms in setting and reaching the Spellbreaker Division’s various goals. This includes occasionally aiding in teaching through sparring and participating in the most dangerous of operations. The Champion has official authority in commanding the Spellbreaker Division in the Captain’s absence, and is automatically promoted to the rank of Master-At-Arms temporarily if the Master-At-Arms is incapacitated, or permanently if the Master-At-Arms perishes.

The most Elite among the Spellbreaker Division are known as the Golden Glaives. Upon attaining this rank, each Golden Glaive has their weapon enhanced even further. The hilts of these Glaives have a decorative layer of gold, with enchanted sapphire stones set within the hilt to further enhance the capabilities of the Spellbreaker. The blades themselves are replaced with mithril.Golden Glaives are given the freedom to assist in nearly any threat without the need to ask for permission. Golden Glaives can be given command to lead a small detachment of Spellbreakers, or supervise a Grey Glaive/Initiate in battle. Golden Glaives may act alone or with others, and may periodically challenge the Champion for the rank of Champion.

Golden Glaive

Silver Glaive

Silver Spellbreakers are full-fledged Spellbreakers who have completed their training. This rank is automatically granted to any new Spellbreaker to the Division who can prove they received complete Spellbreaker training long before the Second War, and can prove their competence as a Spellbreaker.

Also known as Grey Glaives; official trainees who have committed to and aspire to one day becoming a Spellbreaker. Initiates advance to this rank once they have proven themselves through attending a sufficient amount of training sessions. Grey Glaives are not allowed to enter dangerous environments alone unless given the express approval of a ranking Silver Covenant Officer or our Alar’ashisore (Ranger-Lady) herself.



Initiates are the newest members to the Division, often given their armour from day one so that they might be given the most time to adjust to it. In time, they also receive their Tower-Shield. Initiates must be granted approval from a ranking Officer within the Highguard to participate in battle, and must be constantly supervised. They are not allowed to go off to battle alone under any circumstances.

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