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The Chapter of Quel'Thalas represents those who did not lose faith during the sacking of their city, and refused both the path of the Blood Knight and the taint of demonic energy. Those of the Chapter follow what was brought to their Kingdom by dignitaries from Lordaeron and do not waver on the path that Saint Faol set when he established the Clerics of Northshire. Their education and upbringing within the Order of the Silver Hand is strict to the Orthodox teachings of Saint Faol, and despite any 'racial barriers' that members of the Alliance believe are in-place, strive to and have succeeded in forming very strong bonds of brotherhood with the other chapters.


They are devout soldiers of the Light, holy warriors that uphold the Three Virtues and work to kindle the dying ember of Light-worship by the Thalassian peoples. Even after the Third War, these high elves and half elves hold true to the teachings of Archbishop Faol, and provide a strong beacon of faith to those returning to the ways of the Holy Light.


While Quel'thalas remains allied with the Horde, The Silver Hand Chapter of Quel’thalas as part of the reformed Knights of the Silver Hand joined with the other Paladin factions in Azeroth to combat the Legion Invasion. Together, alongside Blood Knights and Sunwalkers of the Horde, the new Order of the Silver Hand, defend, pursue, and hunt down Legion threats wherever they show up in the world.




Dame Alwynen Dawnwrath oversees this chapter of the Silver Hand as its Chapter Master in an administrative position, but the Knights within it make up its true body of leadership through a self-run Council.

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Aspirants to the chapter take on a sable uniform of cloth, like the Clerics of Northshire, and focus on studying the Virtues and the History of the order before becoming suitable to Squireship. 



Once an Aspirant is elevated, they are paired to a Knight. The bond between a Knight and their Squire is a strong one, for it is their charge to raise up the next generation. They begin to train in armour, for the Squire will face serious trials and debates covering the Virtues as they work to understand and embody them in harmony.

Seminarians are ordained priests or priestesses, chosen to ensure that Aspirants and Squires have adequate education on the Virtues and history of the Silver Hand. They are Holy Educators through and through.

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