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Highguard Patch 1.3

Priests The Diocese of Quel'Danas is now live, and its installation will be announced at the Court of Uther on the 10th of October. What's in it for the Priests of the Holy Light? When the Bishops are installed, an overhaul of the role that priests play in our Silver Hand will be put into highgear. With the same style as the Silver Hand, priests start out as Ley-Priests, or Brother/Sister for their title. They'll work their way up giving sermons, holding prayers, educating the Aspirants of Quel'Thalas and more! Finally, Holy roleplay for the priests and priestesses that maintains the unique, cultural style of the High Elves! Read more: Diocese of Quel'Danas Wiki Page

Misc. Announcements

  • The Army of Truthful shenanigans are ramping up, and soon we'll be doing more than just bombing camps and gathering intel. Stromgarde's keep was destroyed by one of the suicide bombers, but is there a more sinister hold on the minds of the terrorists than simple zealotry?

  • Expedition: Vashj'ir will be put back into play with the Highguard deploying an excavation force to the sunken Highborne ruins in search of historical documents on family trees that were lost in the Sundering. As always, what could possibly go wrong? Old Gods aren't real, psh.

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