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Highguard Patch 1.4 - NEW SITE!

After an extensive amount of work, content and stress testing, the new and very interactive Highguard site is online! Read in-depth about the various divisions and sub-divisions we offer, as well as click on pictures you come across to learn more about them.

Our resources compiliation has been increased to a dramatic degree to include much knowledge on the guild, as well as how to roleplay a high elf. We've even put up a FAQ to help answer common questions about the roleplay.

Highguard Vacation Fund

After all your characters have been through, wouldn't it be nice to just...Get away from it for a bit? Well, hopefully you can with the new regiment's vacation fund! Through events and campaigns, we'll begin to stow away some in-character funds for an in-character vacation for some much needed rest and relaxation.

Tears of the Green Dragonflight

Following the discovery of the cobalt lock box in Duskwood, and the mysterious contents within, a peculiar Kaldorei woman has been stalking the Highguard throughout their day-to-day activities.

Thalassian Cultural Centre

After much negotiating with the Stormwind Zoning Board, the Thalassian Cultural Centre is finally happening. For now, the building remains largely empty, but pieces are falling into place. Throughout your adventures, perhaps you'll come across a relic or text of the fallen High Kingdom's golden age.

Phoenix Plushie is Released!

To help fund the Thalassian Cultural Centre, and the project Hooked on Phoenix that shall be housed within, we are finally releasing the Phoenix Plushie to be purchased in-character!

Silver Covenant Writ

Completing our in-character quests or other roleplay objectives could land your character with a Silver Covenant Writ, which can be redeemed for gear upgrades out of the guild vault.

Sir Garethil Manawhisper, the Horseman of Truth

With Gaelyn contending with real-life duties, former-Champion of Truth Garethil Manawhisper has been sworn in to the station of Horseman of Truth.

Reclaiming the Hills

Geranelm Syla is back and with him, a re-ignited claim to his former holdings in the Grizzly Hills. He has enlisted the aid of the Highguard in clearing out the hostile rebellion and renegade scourge forces...Not to mention, large areas are fel corrupted. Every division of the Highguard will be put to the test on division-based objectives to secure Syla's lands.

[RP-PVP] Reclaiming the Blasted Lands

We know you miss the RP PVP / Cross-Faction D20 campaigns, and so I've been working with Tendael to fashion one to keep you lot occupied until Legion launches. This Blasted Lands campaign will feature a story in the level 90 Iron Horde occupied phase where we focus on driving the remaining invaders out and rebuilding Nethergarde Keep, and another story in the vanilla phase where we come across the Horde who seem to have different ideas about what we're doing. Gear up! It'll drop on January 17th, and end on the 23rd.

The Reforged Sun

When the Legion's invasion of Azeroth begins, the Ranger Lady will reach out to Te Amun and shout a call to arms Azeroth-wide to remind them of what happened the last time they tried to take what was ours. With every demon felled on Quel'Danas simply returning to the Nether to be re-summoned, Aeriyth calls for the elves and draenei to don the tabard of the Shattered Sun Offensive and stand together, just as they did to liberate the Sunwell. They will remember us, they will remember our tenacity, they will remember our victory, and they shall cower before the might of the Reforged Sun.

Here's to another year of the Highguard, and with it, MORE SHENANIGANS!

Shin'do Squiggy!

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